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  • Peter Parkes
    Peter Parkes
This was published before our pivot. Read our announcement

Good design research is the foundation of the product creation and innovation process at design and technology companies around the world. But it’s slow, often frustrating and prone to human bias.

Qualdesk is on a mission to change that.

Over the last 6+ years I’ve participated in and run hundreds (probably thousands) of research sessions, and I’ve recognised that there’s a big opportunity to help designers, product managers and their teams to speed things up and get better results at the same time.

That’s why I founded Qualdesk. I look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks and months, and Qualdesk will launch later in 2018.

If this has already piqued your interest, please sign up and I’ll be in touch to figure out how we can make Qualdesk work best for you and your organisation.