New features in Qualdesk Insights: Commenting, API access, improved navigation and more

  • Peter Parkes
    Peter Parkes
This was published before our pivot. Read our announcement

New features in Qualdesk Insights


You can now add comments to insights and other objects in Qualdesk Insights.

Ideal for asking clarifying questions, discussing supporting evidence and digging into the detail of user research.

API access

Full API access to Qualdesk Insights data is now available in our Enterprise plans.

You can create, edit and delete objects as well as adjust configuration. This opens up a world of possibility for interconnection with your systems.

Improved filters and navigation

  • New filters let you refine your browse and search results by date and researcher
  • You can now sort results
  • The sidebar is now visible throughout Qualdesk Insights
  • Admins can show and hide tag types from the sidebar to keep it tidy

And finally…

If you aren’t already using Qualdesk Insights, find out more about what it can do here. And if you’re wondering why you need a user research insight repository in the first place, read this blog post that explains all.