Qualdesk Insights


Store insights

One user insight repository for the whole organization

A single source of truth for all of your user research findings and insights

Organize research findings and insights your way

Use your own terminology, definitions and classification

Fully customizable taxonomy and tags

Create categories and tags to match your organization’s information structures

Create collections to link insights together

Use collections to group insights together by project or theme

Search insights

Fast and flexible full text search

Quick and simple search across every single one of your organization’s user insights

Filter by content type and tags

Refine your search using one or more filters

Share insights

Insights are accessible to everyone who needs them

It’s easy to share insights with everyone in your organization, and with people outside it

Slide view makes insight presentations easy

Present insights and collections directly from Qualdesk in a format optimized for the big screen

Grab a link to share an insight or collection

Each insight and collection has its own link to make sharing easy

Privacy and security

Qualdesk Insights is GDPR compliant

Ensuring that any data you store about EU citizens is safeguarded appropriately

Two-factor authentication

Require your users to use SMS codes or an authenticator app to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to Qualdesk Insights

Insight data encrypted at rest and in transit

All insight data is encrypted both at rest and in transit to the Qualdesk platform

Flexible user permissions to help you manage your data

Set different permissions for different users, allowing you to manage who has access to see and edit your user insights

Insight data stored on ISO 27001 compliant platform

All insight data is stored on an ISO 27001 compliant platform to ensure information security risks are managed