Qualdesk Insights

User research insight repository

All of your user insight in one place. Searchable, sharable and actionable. See all features →

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Qualdesk Insights browse screen

A central location for all of your research knowledge

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Qualdesk Insights browse screen
Qualdesk Insights insight screen
Qualdesk Insights insight screen

Modular insights,
backed by evidence

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Qualdesk Insights collection screen

Collections bring insights together

  • share multiple insights at the same time using the collection’s unique link
  • use collections to create thematic references and project reports
  • add insights to multiple collections for maximum flexibility

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Qualdesk Insights collection screen
Qualdesk Insights search screen
Qualdesk Insights search screen

Fast and flexible search
filtered using your taxonomy

  • search every single one of your organization’s user insights from one place
  • filter by content type
  • filter by tag
  • bookmarkable search results pages for easy access

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Free and affordable plans for companies,
non-profits and individual consultants

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Privacy and security

  • Insight data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Qualdesk Insights helps you stay GDPR compliant
  • Flexible user permissions help you manage your data
  • Insight data stored on ISO 27001 compliant platform

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Data management

  • Use your own terminology, definitions and classification
  • Fully customizable taxonomy and tags
  • Data export

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Enterprise plans
  • Data import and custom onboarding to help you get up and running quickly
  • Custom data processing agreements
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration allows you use your own identity provider
  • Data import

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