The power of a spreadsheet
The flexibility of a whiteboard
Connected to your stack
Qualdesk gives product teams a new interface for work.
It helps you capture ideas, make sense of data and prioritize tasks.

Flexible whiteboard

Lay out information as you like, create groups, add sticky notes and more

Sync with your stack

Work with content from Jira, Trello and Google Sheets directly in Qualdesk

Work multiplayer

See who’s online, watch your team work and type in realtime and follow presenters
Sprint planning
Agile retrospectives
Daily standups
Affinity mapping

Run truly collaborative sprint planning meetings with Qualdesk and Jira

  • Work with your Jira issues on a freeform, multi-user virtual whiteboard
  • Voting, emoji reactions, timers and other meeting facilitation tools
  • Assign issues to people, update status, add issues to sprints and make other changes directly from Qualdesk
  • Combine content from Jira with sticky notes, labels and content from other systems such as Trello and Google Sheets

Qualdesk syncs directly with the tools in your stack


Sync data between your Airtable bases and Qualdesk


Sync issues, sprints and your backlog between Jira and Qualdesk

Google Workspace

Sync data from Google Sheets, with Google Docs support coming soon


Sync cards between Trello and Qualdesk
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