The team whiteboard
powered by your data

No more copying, pasting and tidying up after meetings. Qualdesk instantly updates your team’s tools, while you work.

Screenshot of Qualdesk
Importing data onto a Qualdesk board

Whiteboard + your stack = 🚀

Qualdesk brings the flexibility of a whiteboard to the tools you use every day. Work together live as a team, or take advantage of the freeform canvas for planning, thinking and creativity.

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Live multiplayer Asana in Qualdesk

Asana made realtime

Update, assign and track progress on Asana tasks and projects with your team on a mutiplayer realtime whiteboard

Work together in Qualdesk


Keep team planning

Engage your team in an active role during planning. Collaborative whiteboards make boring screen shares a thing of the past.


Make standups agile and lean,
even if you are sitting down

Upgrade your standup. See the tasks people are working on, keep on track with timers, and react with emojis.


Take the retro out
of retrospectives

Have quality conversations with remote teammates. Keep stickies private then drop them onto the board when you’re ready to share. Vote on the topics you want to talk about as a team.


Unlimited stickies means
unlimited ideas

Run inspiring ideation sessions with your team. Group your ideas together and vote on the winners. Instantly turn ideas into action by connecting your teams apps.


Estimate without fingers
and webcams

Get better consensus when estimating. Turn on estimation mode to collect individual estimates, then resolve them as a team.

User research

User research that
connects the docs

Keep your team’s research connected from transcript to insights to outputs. Qualdesk connects to Google Sheets to ensure you work with real data every step of the way.

Screenshot of Qualdesk in light modeScreenshot of Qualdesk in dark mode

Turn your whiteboard black

Work in dark mode even if your team’s apps don’t. Choose between light and dark themes, or match your system preferences. Try it out.

Performing actions on a Qualdesk item

Upgrade your tools
for a remote world

Qualdesk makes productivity visual, flexible and collaborative like nothing else. Product managers, engineers, designers and peers – everyone loves it.

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