Whiteboard for software engineers: why Qualdesk?

  • Łukasz Sągol
    Łukasz Sągol
  • Peter Parkes
    Peter Parkes

We’re building a next generation digital whiteboard that’s designed for you, the software engineer. What are we most proud of?

  1. Two-way sync with Jira, Linear and Trello
  2. Rapid multiplayer estimation for Jira
  3. Dark mode

1 Two-way sync with Jira, Linear and Trello

Whiteboard connected to Jira

If your team uses Jira, Linear or Trello to manage issues, stories and bugs, you’ll feel at home in Qualdesk. Drag and drop items on to a Qualdesk board, and then work in realtime with your team. No need to write things up afterwards, as you can:

  • Update status
  • Assign issues
  • Add parent epics or projects
  • Add tags
  • Move to / from sprints, cycles or the backlog

directly from within Qualdesk. See other people’s cursors and typing live – no more screensharing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a whole sprint, or just want to run a quick session with a couple of teammates – your data is a drag and drop away.

You can read more about the Qualdesk Jira integration here and the Qualdesk Linear integration here.

2 Rapid multiplayer estimation for Jira

No more awkward hand signals on video calls.

Our agile estimation mode lets you add your votes in private, before revealing the results once everyone’s ready. You can then discuss and agree estimates and send them directly to Jira. Spend less time on calls and more time in flow.

Agile estimation on a whiteboard

This also lets you run agile estimation asynchronously: you can vote in your own time, before getting together for discussion and to finalize the estimates you send to Jira.

3 Dark mode

Whiteboard in dark mode

Your OS, code editor and terminal are all in dark mode, so why use a ‘white’ whiteboard when you can flip into dark mode with Qualdesk. We respect your system settings by default, or you can set light/dark manually as you choose.

And much more

We publish release notes for every new feature, and ship new features 2-3 times every sprint. We respond to feature requests within 24 hours, and have a generous free plan. Our goal is to be the most developer-friendly collaboration tool in the world.