Whiteboard for Trello

  • Łukasz Sągol
    Łukasz Sągol
  • Peter Parkes
    Peter Parkes

Trello is flexible and simple, but it doesn’t give you a way to work ‘live’ with your team. And if you want to work with your Trello cards in anything but columns, you’re stuck. That’s where Qualdesk comes in.

Qualdesk is a whiteboard built for Trello. It lets you:

  1. Work with Trello cards on a 2D whiteboard
  2. Collaborate ‘live’ with everyone on your team, with live cursors and live typing
  3. Edit Trello cards directly from the whiteboard
  4. Transform stickies into Trello cards

1 Work with Trello cards on a 2D whiteboard

Qualdesk makes it easy to work in a more flexible way with your Trello cards, making it easier to:

  • Plan your work visually
  • Arrange cards into groups or clusters and break free of columns
  • Add notes, annotations and images

Live multiplayer Trello in Qualdesk

Getting Trello cards on to a Qualdesk board is easy. Open the sidebar, choose the board you want, choose one or more Trello cards and voilà!

2 Collaborate live with everyone on your team

No more screensharing Trello during meetings. With Qualdesk you get:

  • Live multiplayer cursors: see what your team members are pointing at, and run interactive planning sessions and discussions
  • Live typing: just like in Google Docs, you can see your team members type as they edit card titles

3 Edit Trello cards directly from the whiteboard

With the Trello integration in Qualdesk you can:

  • Move cards from one column to another
  • Assign people to a Trello card
  • Add and remove labels

Adding an label to a Trello card using Qualdesk

You can work with individual Trello cards, or update multiple cards at once. Simply select them on the board and use the mini-sidebar or right click to make changes.

4 Transform stickies into Trello cards

With a click or two, you can turn a sticky note on a Qualdesk board into a Trello card. This is ideal for:

  • Brainstorming new ideas and agreeing as a team which ones should go into Trello
  • Turning follow-up actions from retrospectives into cards in Trello
  • Drafting user stories for a new feature on a whiteboard and converting them into Trello cards

Convert a sticky note into a Trello card using Qualdesk

As with all other Trello actions, you can do this one sticky or card at a time, or in bulk by selecting multiple items.

You can also use this feature to convert Trello cards to Jira issues, convert Trello cards to Linear issues and to convert Trello cards to rows in Google Sheets.