Export for Microsoft Excel, Airtable and Apple Numbers in CSV format

You can now right click anywhere on a Qualdesk board to export data in CSV format, making it easy to add to Microsoft Excel, Airtable and Apple Numbers documents.

CSV exports include:

  • the text content of groups, stickies and cards
  • creation and update usernames and timestamps
  • vote counts

If your content is organized into groups, it’ll be grouped in the export. This is perfect for:

  • a retrospective where you want to separate out different types of content, such as good/bad/ugly or start/stop/continue
  • a workshop where you want to assign follow-up actions to specific people
  • an affinity mapping or other user research analysis session where the groups represent specific clusters of data

CSV export complements our direct connection to Google Sheets (which is even easier – check it out) and gives you a ton of flexibility in the way that you take data from Qualdesk to other places.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, and thanks to those of you who’ve already provided input into this feature.