Dovetail integration for affinity mapping and team collaboration

You can now get your Dovetail highlights and tags on to a digital whiteboard so that you can:

  • collaborate live with your team
  • do affinity mapping and other similar synthesis exercises on a freeform canvas

This is ideal for any team using Dovetail to manage user research analysis and data.

To get started:

1 Export your Dovetail highlights in CSV format

Dovetail export

From your Dovetail project, click Settings at the bottom left, and then choose Export from the menu.

Under Export all highlights, click Download.

Be sure to export the highlights file – we don’t yet support the other formats.

2 Upload your Dovetail highlights file to Qualdesk

Upload Dovetail highlights to see them on the whiteboard

In the Content sidebar, click Dovetail and then either drag and drop your Dovetail highlights file, or click to browse and choose it from your downloads folder.

3 Run your affinity mapping session

Dovetail affinity mapping on a whiteboard in Qualdesk

You can invite your team, create new groups, and use timers, voting and the ready button (free confetti included) to keep your workshop running smoothly.