Group actions for Linear: run realtime, visual, multiplayer workflows

The Linear integration in Qualdesk now supports group actions.

Groups with actions allow you to create your own visual workflows on a whiteboard, and move issues through them with your team.

  1. Add Linear issues to a cycle: this makes cycle planning (or sprint planning) and other team management activities more interactive – everyone can see what each other is doing.
  2. Assign Linear issues: this allows you to allocate tasks to specific people on your team.
  3. Set Linear issue status: this allows you to move issues from the Backlog to To Do, In Progress, and Done. This is ideal for building Kanban boards for Linear, or any other situation where you want to keep track of where things are, like a daily standup.
  4. Set Linear issue priority: for backlog grooming or any other prioritization exercise, this allows you to work together with your team to discuss, agree and update priorities in realtime.
  5. Convert sticky notes and cards to Linear: ideal for user story mapping or other planning exercises. Add and agree stories in Qualdesk, and then drop them into a group to convert them to issues in Linear.

As with all group actions in Qualdesk, you can work with one Linear issue at a time, or as many as you like – just drag and drop.