Use a template to start a meeting quickly in Qualdesk

Templates make it easy to get started with a variety of different meeting and workshop formats, and we’ve just launched our first set of templates in Qualdesk.

We’re starting with retrospective templates, and over the coming weeks we’ll add templates for other parts of the agile process as well as ideation, brainstorming, user research and more.

Our retrospective templates include:

When you create a new board in Qualdesk, you now have the choice to:

  • create an empty board
  • create a board using a template

You can customize templates as much as you like to fit your own processes and ways of working.

Some parts of a templates might be locked when you first create your board. To edit or remove these, click the Unlock button in the mini-sidebar.

If you’d like to lock them again in preparation for your meeting, select the items you’d like to lock, right click on them and choose Lock from the menu.

If there are templates you’d like to see in Qualdesk, or customizations you’d like to save, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.