New work UI

We just launched two new UI elements, focused on surfacing more useful data from integrations, directly in Qualdesk and enabling new ways of interacting with objects on the whiteboard.

1 Work sidebar

While displaying information directly on whiteboard cards is helpful for quick access, some things are just too long to fit on a card. To make it possible to still see those long titles or detailed descriptions directly in Qualdesk, we’re introducing new, Work sidebar.

Easily accessible from the sidebar switcher in the upper right corner, it displays all the data we have about your current selection.

If you have nothing selected it controls work modes and facilitation tools - this is where you will find timer, voting modes, estimation and syncing button.

As soon as you select any cards on the canvas, the sidebar transforms into a real workhorse. It displays title and description of the card, together with a link to the original in the system of record. But it also makes all fields easily editable. This is the palce to change assignees, status of tasks, labels or migrate task from one system to another. And as always, all those changes are immediately saved in the system of record.

2 Hover toolbar

For quicker, more immediate actions we’re bringing back hover toolbar.

Directly under your selection, it shows most common actions that you can take on the cards you are working on.

Hopefully this new UI will help you be more productive during your meetings. We would love to hear your thoughts! Tweet us @qualdesk.