Our values

Qualdesk is still a young company. Our values and culture are still evolving, and what is true today may not be true in the future. We encourage every member of our team to help us shape what we believe and the way we work.

Here are seven things that are important to us now:

We are people-focused

We build our products for the people who use them; they’re a source of great ideas, and a community we rely on to guide our decision-making processes. We don’t build technology for technology’s sake.

We are ambitious

We have a big vision and want to realise it wholeheartedly. We challenge ourselves to think bigger and to do more.

We are positive by default

We assume that everyone always does their best. Our approach to leadership is about giving people the support they need, and then getting out of the way.

We value progress over perfection

We move decisively, not just quickly. We’re open with each other so that we can learn from our mistakes and keep moving. We know that it’s okay to be embarrassed with what we’ve built today because we can always improve tomorrow. Failing is the best opportunity to learn.

We are asynchronous by default

We write things down. We are respectful of people’s time and don’t demand that they spend time with us when it isn’t needed. Equally, we know when scheduling a meeting is the best way forward and we get better at making those impactful. This helps us work more flexibly and allows people to work together across cities, countries and time zones.

We know that diversity builds better everything

We’re building products for the whole world. As we grow, the diversity of experience, origin, and culture within our team will have a direct impact on our ability to build the best products for our users. And the most enjoyable place to work.

We build our workplace like we build our products

We use the same iterative, adaptive, evidence-based and people-centric approach to determine both what we build and how we work together.