User research insight repository Qualdesk Insights is now available

  • Peter Parkes
    Peter Parkes
This was published before our pivot. Read our announcement

We’re excited to announce that Qualdesk Insights is now available.

It’s a dedicated insight repository for user research and customer research.

(If you’re not sure why you need one of these, read this earlier blog post)

Qualdesk Insights

Qualdesk Insights allows you to:

  • store
  • search
  • share

your findings from qualitative research with the people who need them.

Whether you’re a product manager, UX designer, dedicated user researcher or consultant, Qualdesk Insights will help you:

  • speed up research sharing within your organization
  • make the documentation process quicker
  • reduce the risk of duplication in research
  • do better overall product discovery

We offer free and affordable plans for companies, non-profits and individual consultants.

Find out more and sign up today