Release notes


Use a template to start a meeting quickly in Qualdesk

Templates make it easy to get started with a variety of different meeting and workshop formats, and we’ve just launched our first set of templates in Qualdesk.

We’re starting with retrospective templates, and over the coming weeks we’ll add templates for other parts of the agile process as well as ideation, brainstorming, user research and more.

Our retrospective templates include:

When you create a new board in Qualdesk, you now have the choice to:

  • create an empty board
  • create a board using a template

You can customize templates as much as you like to fit your own processes and ways of working.

Some parts of a templates might be locked when you first create your board. To edit or remove these, click the Unlock button in the mini-sidebar.

If you’d like to lock them again in preparation for your meeting, select the items you’d like to lock, right click on them and choose Lock from the menu.

If there are templates you’d like to see in Qualdesk, or customizations you’d like to save, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Add images to Qualdesk boards

Images on a Qualdesk board

You can now upload images to Qualdesk boards, including:

  • photos (perfect for design and user research)
  • screenshots (comment and annotate, and create follow-up actions in Google Sheets, Jira, Linear or Trello)
  • diagrams for meetings, discussions and workshops
  • animated GIFs for, well, whenever

To upload an image, you can:

  • drag and drop an image file from your computer
  • paste an image by pressing ⌘V or ^V
  • click the Upload image button in the toolbar

Stack sidebar for retrospectives and brainstorming

During a retrospective, brainstorming workshop or ideation exercise, it’s often helpful to split the task into two sections:

  • individual work, where you have time and privacy to get your thoughts on paper (or virtual paper in this case)
  • team work, where you discuss as a group and agree follow-up actions

We’ve launched a new feature in Qualdesk called the stack to make this easy.

Open the stack by clicking the stack icon in the mini-sidebar, and then type away. Press return to create a new sticky or card, and pick your preferred color from the palette at the bottom.

The stack sidebar gives you a place to work privately

When you’re ready to work with your team, you can drag and drop sticky notes and cards from the sidebar to the board:

Drag and drop from the stack sidebar to the board

and then work with your team as usual:

Drag and drop from the stack sidebar to the board

Your team members will only see items from your stack once you’ve placed them on the board.

Don’t forget that you can record your follow-up actions directly in Google Sheets, Jira, Linear and Trello.


Beacon showing user’s location on Qualdesk board

It’s often helpful to be able to show other people what you’re looking at when you’re working as a team on a Qualdesk board.

You can now long press anywhere on a board to set a beacon. Everyone else will get a notification and can click to come to where you are.

Particularly handy now that Qualdesk boards are 4× bigger.

Ready button

Qualdesk ready button

“Is everyone ready?”

Now you can let everyone on your Qualdesk board know when you’re ready, need more time or have an idea.

Perfect for retrospectives, brainstorming and all sorts of creative workshops (and less creative meetings).

Increased board size

We increased the default size of our boards. No matter if you are working on something by yourself or running a retrospective with a team of 20, you should find enough space for all your content on our new bigger boards. All new boards are created in the new size.

Log in with Google

Log in with Google

You can now log in to Qualdesk with a Google account. This should make it much easier to access your boards, without having to switch to your email client.

If you already have a Qualdesk account, you can use Log in with Google to access it, as long as it’s using the same email address – we will do all the magic on our side to make it work.

New action toolbar

New ways of taking action in Qualesk

Cards on Qualdesk boards can represent many different types of data. There are stickies and cards, which are useful for information that doesn’t belong in any other tool, but there are also Jira, Linear, Trello and Google Sheets cards, that are directly linked to data from those tools.

Apart from that representation, and being able to move them freely around the board, you can also take action on each and every single one of them. Change sprint in Jira, change assignee in Trello or edit labels in Linear. All those actions were hidden in the context menu, but we know they're as important as other things you can do with Qualdesk.

We introduced a new toolbar, that is always visible with actions that you can take on currently selected items. No need to visit Linear to move that forgotten issue into the next cycle.



When working in a free-form environment, we don’t want anyone to be worried about making mistakes. That’s why we introduced the very simple and powerful command that we all know from all other software - undo. Now you can easily roll back your last action (and then the previous one, and the one before that, and so on…).

As long as your actions haven’t been overwritten by someone else on your team, you can undo them.

Connect to Linear

Browsing your linear content

We enabled our Linear connection for everyone, to make Qualdesk work for more product teams. It works just like any of our other integrations – you can hand pick which tickets you want to put on a board, and you can edit or take actions in Linear, directly from Qualdesk.

If you love Linear and want to help us make this integration even better, send us a message @Qualdesk or

New connections experience

Connecting external software to Qualdesk

At the core of Qualdesk is the concept of letting you work in a flexible environment, with data from software you and your team are using. To make the task of synchronizing your data easier, we redesigned our connections experience from scratch.

Starting with Jira, you can now filter through all of your teams tickets and hand pick which ones you want to import. And if you find that you missed some important ones – you can get back to the list of them and import a few more. As always, you can edit them, assign them and change their status and create new ones, directly from your Qualdesk board to keep everything up to date.

Team workspaces

Managing boards and teams

To make it easier to find and organise your Qualdesk boards we introduced Teams and team permissions. You can keep boards visible to you or share them with your team when you feel ready. And as the list of your boards grows bigger, you can sort and search to get to the one you're looking for.