Release notes

Connect to Linear

We enabled our Linear connection for everyone, to make Qualdesk work for more product teams. It works just like any of our other integrations – you can hand pick which tickets you want to put on a board, and you can edit or take actions in Linear, directly from Qualdesk.

If you love Linear and want to help us make this integration even better, send us a message @Qualdesk or

Team workspaces

Managing boards and teams

To make it easier to find and organise your Qualdesk boards we introduced Teams and team permissions. You can keep boards visible to you or share them with your team when you feel ready. And as the list of your boards grows bigger, you can sort and search to get to the one you're looking for.

New connections experience

Connecting external software to Qualdesk

At the core of Qualdesk is the concept of letting you work in a flexible environment, with data from software you and your team are using. To make the task of synchronizing your data easier, we redesigned our connections experience from scratch.

Starting with Jira, you can now filter through all of your teams tickets and hand pick which ones you want to import. And if you find that you missed some important ones – you can get back to the list of them and import a few more. As always, you can edit them, assign them and change their status and create new ones, directly from your Qualdesk board to keep everything up to date.